Rudd Wood Finishes Wood Finishing Products

Wood Finishes for the Professional 

Flawless Wood Finishing Made Simple

Quality Stains & Finishes

Rudd manufactures a complete line of quality stains and finishes formulated to meet the needs of contractors dealing with job site conditions to large high-speed production shops. When you partner with Rudd’s Wood Finishes team, you automatically have access to a wide variety of value-added options.

Custom Formulations

Rudd’s technical department is ready to assist with the development of custom formulations designed to solve a unique application problem or meet the specific performance requirements for your manufactured goods.

Sealers & Finishes

We offer a full range of conventional nitrocellulose lacquers, pre-catalyzed lacquers, and conversion varnishes specially formulated to meet the performance requirements of a variety of end products and shop conditions.

These include traditional solvent base systems, as well as today’s latest technology in water base, high solids, low VOC, low HAP, and low formaldehyde wood coatings.

Stains, Dyes & Glazes

The Colortools™ Rapid Match Color System was developed to help bring color closer to the customer. Colortools offers a wide range of products to make color fast, easy and affordable. No need to keep slow moving colors on your shelf, free up those inventory dollars and make your profits grow.

Reducers & Additives

Rudd Wood Finishes offers a select group of thinners, reducers and additives for use in Rudd Wood Stains and Finishes. All have been carefully formulated to achieve maximum benefit while maintaining key performance properties, both during application and the final finish on the surface.