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Some totally awesome wood finishes

Mastering the Art of Special Effects

These are examples of true artistry in finishing. Except for the metal leaf, most of the materials used to create these little works of art are probably sitting around your shop. The techniques are all relatively simple.

Old World Paint

Distressed Copper Leaf

Distressed Goldleaf

Antiqued Gold Leaf

Distressed Paint

Crocodile Skin

Distressed Paint

Antiqued Silver Leaf

What you should walk away with after studying these examples is that they all look undeniably old, but not one of them appear beaten up. They have not been whacked with chains or hammers. In fact, the exact opposite is true; the texture comes out away from the wood, it is not beaten into it. The sheens are low and there are usually more than 2 colors involved. Manipulating color, texture, and sheen will add more to creating an authentic look than any amount of beating up ever will.