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Common spray pattern problems and how to fix them

Troubleshooting Your Spray Pattern

Round spray uneven

Middle air cap air passage dirty or deformed. Clean thoroughly or replace nozzle set if required.

Sickle spray pattern

Air cap horn dirty or damaged. Clean horn air passages or replace nozzle set.

Deformed spray pattern on one side

Clean nozzle with special cleaning kit or replace nozzle set.

Split fan

Too much thinner in material. Spray pressure too high. Fan width too wide.

Material deposit too heavy in fan pattern

Atomization pressure too low – Increase air pressure. Viscosity too high- add thinner. Too much material- use smaller nozzle set.

Irregular or fluttering fan pattern

Fluid tip or needle loose- tighten parts. Paint cup plugged- clean air vent hole. Hole in material pick up tube- replace part.